what you should know before going to Komodo National Park

Who doesn’t know about Komodo Dragons? The largest reptile in the world. If you don’t know about these lizards, you probably won’t ended up landing on this page.
For those of you who are planning their trip to see the komodo dragons in their natural habitat in Komodo National Park. There are some things that you need to know about. Things you need to be prepared before heading this way. Let’s see what those things are! This is Mariza’s take on What You Should Know Before Going To Komodo National Park.

padar island komodo national park

Komodo National Park.
This National Park consist of 3 main islands (Komodo, Rinca and Padar) and numerous smaller islands which feature hills of dry savannah, white sand beaches (even pink-sand ones) and clear blue and torquise waters atop amazing corals. This national park is the only one in the world where Komodo dragons exist naturally. Komodo island has higher chance to spot the komodos. But both Komodo island and Rinca island are worth to visit. While Padar island is actually my favorite because of the majestic view from the top of the hill.

How to get to Komodo National Park.
The nearest airport is in Labuan Bajo, a small harbor town in Flores Island. From this main island, you will need to rent a speed boat or take a package at one of the tour operators there to visit the National Park.

Day Trips vs live-aboard.
If renting your own speed boat is out of your budget, you can visit one of the tour operator in Labuan Bajo to arrange a day trip. If a day trip is not your thing, you can also check out some live-aboard packages provided by most of the operators as well. the packages usually range from 2-days package to a two-weeks package.

Best time to visit Komodo National Park?
All dive operators (and live-aboard) are not operating in February due to heavy rain, wind and waves. So it’s best to avoid the moonsoon season (Dec-March).
April-June; still raining a bit but the sea is calmer. It’s end of the rain season, so all the islands are green. Manta season and there are some chances to see whale sharks
July-August; holiday season, lots of tourists around. Mating season for Komodo, so unlikely to find them and it’s not manta season.
September-November; Best time of the year! Not so many tourist and it’s manta and whale sharks season. Also a high percentage to spot komodo. Good weather as well. Very dry and not green at all. In November, it might rain but at night.

What to prepare?
Wear trekking/sport shoes, most of the island are sand based, they are extremely hot for your feet during the day. Sandals are not recommended. Apply sunblock lotion. Wear a hat, they will save your face from burning. And bring enough drinking water. Wrap a bottle of cold water using your towels. Both water and the towel will come handy on a hot sunny day.

Suggested itinerary for Komodo National Park?
Day 1: Komodo island –> Pink Beach for snorkling –> Kanawa island
Day 2: Trekking in Padar island –> Rinca island –> Kelor island
If you have more than 3 nights, explore more smaller island or take the live-aboard trip.

How to get to Komodo National Park?
The nearest airport is in Labuan Bajo, a small harbor town in Flores Island. From this main island, you will need to rent a speed boat or take a package at one of the tour operators there to visit the Marine National Park.

I hope these tips will help you on your next trip to Komodo National Park. Enjoy wonderful Indonesia!

@iamMariza – who will never forget the majestic view from the hill top of Padar Island.

Disclaimer: Flores was the fourth stop in Trip of Wonders 2016, an invitational trip hosted by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. All opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect the view of the Ministry.


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    Thankyou for all the information you provide! I was wondering if you have any tips for the operator I should use for the boat trip from flores to lombok (safest boats etc). Did you also went on the hike to wae rebo on flores? I want to take that tour as well but again I’m not sure which operator to use?

    Thankyou in advance!

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    • Hi Didi. I recommend Kencana Adventure. They have different schedule with two different boats; small and big boat (Phinisi boat). I only recommend to take the one with the big Phinisi Boat. Most other companies use small boats with the same price range.

      Unfortunately, I didn’t go to Wae Rebo. the trip was too expensive for me. But maybe next time, i will go. Btw, it’s quite easy to go to Ruteng by public transport. And in Labuan Bajo, it’s easy to find tour operators who have open trips to Wae Rebo as well. 😉

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