What To Bring To Ijen Crater - Ultimate Guide

Planning a trip to see the blue fire in Ijen Crater (Kawah Ijen)? Here’s what you need to know, what to bring to Ijen Crater to see the blue fire.

First of all, the hike is not easy despite the fact it’s only 5 km trail. Remember, the crater is at 2.799 meter (9,183 feet) elevation. It is better to prepare everything right since the hike starts at midnight. You want to be there (best at 3am) before sunrise (5am) to be able to see the blue fire. The hike to the top of the crater will take about 1.5-2.5 hour, depends on how fit you are. Add another 30 minutes to hike down from the top of crater, into the crater (sulfur mining area). Then after the blue fire, you will hike back up to the lips of the crater, to see the most epic sunrise view in Indonesia.

What to wear/bring:

  • Hiking shoes – it’s sand based trek. But any sports shoes will do, just make sure you wear long socks to avoid the sands going in.
  • Jacket – because it’s cold (and can be super windy).
  • Head light / torch – you will need it when hiking down into the crater.
  • Bring extra shirt (and socks) – if you sweat a lot.
  • small backpack – that won’t get in your way during the hike.
  • Bring water – stay hydrated.
  • Snacks – to boost your energy back.
  • AND gas mask – you can rent one or if you have a local guide, usually the local guide will have one for you to borrow. Make sure you have a proper one.

The lake is beautiful, but DON’T ever try to swim in it, even a quick dip. The lake water contain high acidity and sulfur, it can dissolve your clothes (and your skin), seriously!

It will be hard to open your eyes and to breath when the noxious sulfur smoke goes to your face. The gas mask will only helps a little. But a little is better than nothing. When this happens, just take small breath, close your eyes (if possible) and slowly walk away from the throat-burning smoke.

The last toilet available is behind the warung (located at 1/3 of the hike).

This is not a race. Keep it safe for you, for everyone else, and the miners too. Always give way to the sulfur miners.

That’s it, enjoy the hike!

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