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    Comment on Move On Yogya – Traveler’s Review by @iamMariza.

    wah…baru tau kalau sekarang dah ada gelato. Thanks for the info ya. 🙂

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    Borobudur Entrance Fee 2018 Update [EN]
    If you are taking the sunrise package via Manohara, you will need to show your passport. But you are going to go there at the public hour, you can ask your gf to buy the tickets for you. Depends on your luck, there will be a 2nd checking point after you buy the ticket, before entering the temple.

    What You Should Know Before Going To Komodo National Park [EN]
    Hi Didi. I recommend Kencana Adventure. They have different schedule with two different boats; small and big boat (Phinisi boat). I only recommend to take the one with the big Phinisi Boat. Most other companies use small boats with the same price range.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t go to Wae Rebo. the trip was too expensive for me. But maybe next time, i will go. Btw, it’s quite easy to go to Ruteng by public transport. And in Labuan Bajo, it’s easy to find tour operators who have open trips to Wae Rebo as well. 😉

    Borobudur Entrance Fee 2018 Update [EN]
    Thanks Jaro!

    Hotel di Bandung yang Instagramable!
    hayuk kita jalan lah. 🙂

    Penginapan Jogja di bawah Rp 150 ribu dengan Kolam Renang!
    Mau sewa 1 rumah untuk grup kamu sendiri? Coba cek di postingan gw yang ini di bagian paling akhir. 😉

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