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September 2016, i was lucky enough to be invited to join an awesome trip fully supported by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia aka Indonesia Travel aka Wonderful Indonesia. It was amazing like A M A Z I N G! An unforgettable experience traveling with a group of happy-loving travel addicts from all over South East Asia to experience wonderful Indonesia. Majority are travel bloggers and video bloggers from the Philippines. They are definitely my favorites, they reminds me of the people from North Sulawesi, where my mom comes from. They are warm, cheerful, always manage to find something fun. The rest of the group were also lovely and friendly, not just bloggers, many of them are Instagram celebrities too. I felt totally overwhelmed, it was an experience i could never forget.

Why do they call it Trip of Wonders? Well this year, Wonderful Indonesia invited many travel writers, bloggers, vloggers and instagramers to experience the five wonders: natural wonders, sensory wonders, modern wonders, cultural wonders and adventure wonders. This time, they took us to 4 different cities to experience all the wonders; Bandung, Yogyakarta, Lombok and Labuan Bajo. I honestly couldn’t agree more.

These destinations are a must for everyone who would like to visit Indonesia for the first time. These cities truly are the main highlights for “Indonesia first-timers”. You get to see traditional and modern art, experience local culture, taste the real local food, explore the exotic beach and majestic mountains. All in one trip.

Okay, this is the part where you can take note. Here’s my suggestion if your next trip will be your first trip in Indonesia. Start from Jakarta, get a local sim card (Telkomsel has the best coverage). The next morning, take the comfortable train ride to Bandung, stay for two nights. Enjoy the local street food, take heaps of photos. Bandung has plenty instagrammable spots. And you better don’t miss out the performances at Saung Angklung Udjo. Then find your way to Yogyakarta. I would recommend to take the train if you can because the scenery along the way to Yogya is pretty but you can also fly to Yogya. Attention: since Bandung is a mountainous area, the flight can be a bit bumpy. The rest of the trip, to save up transportation time, you can fly from one to another. Don’t miss out Borobudur sunrise when you are in Yogyakarta. But if you’ve had enough of sunrise tours, make sure you at least have a sunset view from Ratu Boko Temple or Prambanan Temple. Fly to Lombok, go have a try at surfing at Kuta Lombok or snorkling around Gili islands. If you are a hard core trekkers, try to conquer Mount Rinjani. Need some more dose of exotic beach? Make your way to Flores islands, your eyes will be spoiled by the underwater world and of course above the water as well. Your 30 days visa almost running out? Fly out from either Lombok International Airport (LOB) or from Bali (DPS). Well that’s it. I don’t want to give more details*, all i can say that it’s wonderful Indonesia. Enjoy your Trip of Wonders!

@iamMariza – who can’t thankful enough to the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia for the opportunity to explore our beautiful country, Indonesia, along together with inspiring travelers who now are my friends.

Disclaimer: Trip of Wonders 2016 is an invitational trip hosted by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. All opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect the view of the Ministry.

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