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    Comment on Borobudur Entrance Fee 2019 Update [EN] by Jaro.

    You are welcome.
    I think there is audio guide only for Borobudur temple, not for Prambanan. There are only human guides for rent. But there are big wooden boards about Prambanan temple, you can read them and learn about history and meaning of temple. In my opinion you do not need guide, but it is up to you. Price is fix for the guide, so you can join to some group of people and share expenses for this guide, if you wanna save money and if you have no problem to walk in a group of foreigner people.

    Jaro Also Commented

    Borobudur Entrance Fee 2019 Update [EN]
    Yes, you can buy combo ticket also in Borobudur temple at the entrance. Bonus: you can download and use mobile app Culture Places that has audio guide for temple. You do not need human guide 🙂

    Borobudur Entrance Fee 2019 Update [EN]
    UPDATE 22.5.2018: We visited Prambanan temple and purchase ticket – COMBO ticket (Prambanan+Borobudur) costs 560k for foreigner adult and is valid for 2 DAYS !! You can pay only in IRD, not USD and you can pay with credit card (no additional fee). You re welcome 🙂

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